Software testing services

Test management and delivery


Test strategy

Whether you’re looking to build a QA function from scratch or need expertise on building a programme-level or project-level testing strategy, I can help you define and achieve your testing approach.


Deliver test execution

I’m able to provide on-site and remote functional and non-functional test execution services that aligns with your test strategy and resource needs.


Test planning and design

I have extensive experience in creating comprehensive test planning and design documentation, including diligence-driven test level plans as well as effective test cases and scripts.

Clear, concise reporting

I use industry-standard test tooling software in conjunction with bespoke reporting solutions to deliver meaningful reports that work for all project stakeholders.

Agile test services

I am Agile-certified so am well-placed to help you implement agile practices including BDD and TDD, which act as a framework for effective test collaboration and improved requirements traceability.

Hands-on management

I am experienced in leading and managing large, high-profile and complex testing programmes across a number of industries and can help you improve your QA activities.

Specialist testing

Web testing

I have years of experience in testing websites, web apps and web services across the project lifecycle, including usability and cross-device testing. Let me help you produce great web-based solutions today.

Mobile testing

I provide mobile app and mobile web testing services on a range of smartphone and tablet devices, and across all the major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Drop me a line to find out more.

Continuity testing

Making sure your business carries on ‘no matter what’ is crucial to its success. That’s why I offer specialist Business Continuity advisory services to help you build your solution’s failover and resilience strategy.

DR testing

I offer Disaster Recovery testing services in conjunction with Business Continuity – including backup, import/export and recovery tests to make sure your solution can simply pick up where it left off.

Functional testing


Manual testing

I am an expert in manual testing, with years of experience in running risk-appropriate tests in the order that matters using sensible data-sets.


Test automation

I provide test automation expertise in Selenium IDE / WebDriver that enables faster and more accurate testing.

Regression testing

I help businesses create and run regression testing, whether it be a one-off situation or a reusable test pack for use in many test cycles.


Integration testing

Let me help you write and run integration test scenarios and scripts that make your IT solutions seamless and instils stakeholder confidence.

Non-functional testing

Performance testing

The performance of your solution depends on a number of factors including the application, infrastructure, network, mobility and solution complexity.

Let me help you define and run performance testing that is tailored to your business needs.


Load testing

Load or stress testing will allow you to understand how far your solution can be stretched and how it behaves when in peak demand.

I work with you on an approach that delivers maximum load conditions, and works with performance testing.

Volume testing

I can set out test data strategies that fit the structure of your system or solution and use this to drive volume testing activities.

My experience in Big Data and migration projects means I can deliver meaningful volume testing results.


Soak testing

Soak testing your solution in a production-like setting over an extended period of time will allow you to gauge its stability once deployed to the outside world.

I can define soak test scripts and reports to build confidence in the systems under test.

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