Voiceovers and audio production

Imaging, FX, jingles, voiceovers, podcasts and more.

I create slick audio that packs a punch. My imaging and voiceover products are perfect for podcasts, commercial / community / internet radio stations, screen advertising and DJs to name a few.

With Audio-Technica microphones, a dedicated studio and industry-standard software, I am perfectly placed to work on your next audio project.

Take a listen to my audio demo.

Take a listen to my Take a listen to my audio demo.


I record my voiceovers with Audio-Technica microphones in a dedicated studio. With a quick 24hr turnaround, delivery via MP3 directly into your email inbox and after-sales support, there are plenty of reasons to engage me for your next voiceover.


I provide slick, professional dry sweepers and wet imaging, created in my studio using industry-standard software. I turn around most projects within a few days by email – and if it’s not quite right, I will re-work things until you’re satisfied.


I provide full-service podcast production including creation, publishing and marketing. I can also deliver voice and imaging solutions for your own podcasts so you can add professional-sounding intros, outros and bumpers into your content.

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