Royal Mail Group

I was involved in a number of projects at Royal Mail Group, based in technology HQ in London.

Tray Savings

In March 2014 Royal Mail Group introduced a mail-handling pricing lever that enabled businesses who provide their outgoing mail to RMG in trays rather than in bags or bundles to receive a cost saving. This project involved major structural changes to several systems within the RMG IT estate.

Enhanced Tracked Returns

I worked on a range of enhancements to the existing Tracked Returns service offered by Royal Mail, including a new self-service web portal for customers to manage their returns online, as well as improved invoicing reconciliation for internal RMG stakeholders. The project went live in February 2015.

CRM Upgrade

Royal Mail Group upgraded its Siebel CRM and Oracle BI systems in order to improve business efficiency, bring the systems into support and introduce new enhancements to improve RMG’s customer service. The project was rolled out across all Royal Mail offices in October 2014.

Commercialisation of Data Assets

In spring 2015 Royal Mail Group undertook a “Big Data” migration project to streamline its use of data from multiple sources (including marketing, reporting, revenue protection, CRM and RMG-bespoke tooling) into a single view to facilitate easier data analysis and manipulation.

I was responsible for:

I was responsible for:


Comprehensive test plans and schedules

I wrote, contributed to and managed master test strategies, test plans and test schedules for the RMG test team and stakeholders.

Leading test execution

I have extensive experience in managing and executing a variety of functional test cases using tools including Excel, HP ALM and Jira.

Clear, consistent reporting

I communicated daily progress reports and test-exit reporting to senior stakeholders to support the status of test execution.

Key systems


  • SAP
  • Siebel CRM
  • Oracle BI
  • SQL

Test phases


  • System Test
  • SIT
  • UAT
  • OAT

Test tools


  • HP ALM
  • Jira
  • MS Excel
  • RMG bespoke tools



  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Third-party suppliers
  • BAU stakeholders

Working collaboratively with suppliers